"For those who have already accepted the discipline of trading based on fundamental relationships across contract months and among commodities, Scarr Visual Trading might be all they need." - Futures Magazine - April 2005, Software Review

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I started Scarr Visual Trading in order to provide sound, accurate studies and charts for the analysis of the futures market. When I began my study of the futures market in 1994, most of the technical analysis I saw either had no sound basis or failed rigorous backtesting. My research into fundamental analysis showed that readily available data on supply and demand was immediately discounted by the market, giving no chance to profit. The only research I could base my trading on was that based on sound statistical and economic principles such as seasonal trends. But, when I tried to find seasonal charts with the features I wanted, I came up empty. So, I began writing programs to generate my own custom charts.


I am a self-employed researcher with a background in the hard sciences. My formal education includes a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and an M.S. in Physics from Old Dominion University in Virginia, and an M.S. in Math Modeling from Humboldt State University in California. I brought this education and experience to my study of the futures market and began writing programs which have greatly helped me in trading spreads and outright positions. These programs work for me and they can work for you as well.

My Pledge

I promise that the charts and studies presented on this site will be as accurate as I can make them. I also promise that there will be no “magic indicators” or “black-box” systems – all charts and studies will be fully explained. I will always be available to you for technical support and to quickly answer any questions. And finally, no program or system can make you rich overnight in the commodities market - anyone who tells you their system can is being un-truthful. I can tell you that if you use the programs on this site they will improve your trading. That is my pledge to you.

Dan Scarr

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Commodity Specifications
Commodity Symbol Units Unit Move ($) Contracts Size
Australian DollarAD $/AUD 100,000 100,000 AUD
British PoundBP $/GBP 62,500 62,500 GBP
Canadian DollarCD $/CAD 100,000 100,000 CAD
Euro FXEC $/EUR 125,000 125,000 EUR
Japanese YenJY cents/JPY 125,000 12,500,000 JPY
Swiss FrancSF $/CHF 125,000 125,000 CHF
U.S. Dollar IndexDX points 1,000 $1,000 x Index
Brent CrudeB $/barrel 1,000 1,000 barrel
Crude Oil (WTI)CL $/barrel 1,000 1,000 barrel
Gasoil (ICE)GO $/metric ton 100 100 metric tons
GasolineRB $/gal 42,000 42,000 gallons
Heating OilHO $/gal 42,000 42,000 gallons
Natural GasNG $/mmBtu 10,000 10,000 mmBtu
CornC cents/bu 50 5,000 bu
Kansas City WheatKW cents/bu 50 5,000 bu
Minneapolis WheatMW cents/bu 50 5,000 bu
OatsO cents/bu 50 5,000 bu
Rough RiceRR $/cwt 2,000 2,000 cwt
Soybean MealSM $/ton 100 100 Short Tons
Soybean OilBO cents/lb 600 60,000 lbs
SoybeansS cents/bu 50 5,000 bu
WheatW cents/bu 50 5,000 bu
E-mini DowYM points 5 $5 x Index
E-mini NASDAQ 100NQ points 20 $20 x Index
E-mini S&P 500ES points 50 $50 x Index
VIX (CBOE Volatility Index)VX points 1,000 $1,000 x VBI
Interest Rates
10-Yr T-NotesTY points 1,000 $100,000
2-Yr T-NotesTU points 2,000 $200,000
30-Yr T-BondsUS points 1,000 $100,000
5-Yr T-NotesFV points 1,000 $100,000
EurodollarED points 2,500 $1,000,000
Fed Funds 30 DayZQ points 4,167 $5,000,000
SOFR 3-MonthSR points 2,500 $2500 x International Monetary Market Index
Feeder CattleFC cents/lb 500 50,000 lbs
Lean HogsLH cents/lb 400 40,000 lbs
Live CattleLC cents/lb 400 40,000 lbs
Pork CutoutPRK cents/lb 40,000 40,000 lbs
CopperHG cents/lb 250 25,000 lbs
GoldGC $/oz 100 100 troy oz
PalladiumPA $/oz 100 100 troy oz
PlatinumPL $/oz 50 50 troy oz
SilverSI cents/oz 50 5,000 troy oz
Softs and Fibers
ButterCB cents/lb 200 20,000 lbs
Cash-Settled CheeseCSC $/lb 20,000 20,000 lbs
Class III MilkDC $/cwt 2,000 200,000 lbs
CocoaCC $/metric ton 10 10 metric tons
CoffeeKC cents/lb 375 37,500 lbs
Coffee RobustaRC $/metric ton 10 10 metric tons
CottonCT cents/lb 500 50,000 lbs
LumberLB $/1000 bft 110 110,000 board ft
Orange JuiceOJ cents/lb 150 15,000 lbs
SugarSB cents/lb 1,120 112,000 lbs
Sugar (White)SW $/metric ton 50 50 metric tons
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